Donato Literal Crack of Dawn

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At the Literal Crack of Dawn

I Know It's Good
Necessary Evil
The Poets' Candidate
Advice for the Pure at Heart
Totally Random Person
Choir Boy
Private Explosions
Please Don't Pretend that I'm Not Here
Gentle from the Inside Out
Screaming Holy Holy
Parade of Sugary Goodness
Turning Everything Into Love
All of My Debts
Over My Dead Body

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Trespassing for Beginners
(lyrics to come)

This Time With You
Blood Patrol
Please Let Me Trespass
Maybe a Love Song
My Feelings
On Some Days Everything Breaks Your Heart
Pale Little Ghost Girl
Quit Avoiding the People
A Masterpiece of American Fiction
Still Nothing
Describe for Me
Soft Spot


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A History of the Boys and Girls

Creation Story
Same Old Fall From Grace
A Recurring Woman
Unexplained Absence
Everything I Thought I Knew
Lives of Poets
Year Full of Demons
Don't Feel Too Bad for Yourself
My Decision to Medicate
Parked On a Hill
A History of the Boys and Girls
As Far As It Will Go
This Is Where I Live

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I Haven't Wasted All This Time Alone

Take a Bullet for My Baby
My Mom Is Crazy
A Walking Nerve Ending
Everyone's Going Away
Help Me Put Some Meat On These Bones
Moods of Extreme Desire
The Great Fire of Mr. Smithton
Architect of Open Spaces
The Narrator
Infirmary Ball
Call It Even
Speeches at My Wake

The Old Joy (2001)

You Think You Know What It Means
Same Old Mess
One Out of Three
What I Want for Lunch
My Purple Heart
Please Don't Ever Lie to Me
Electrical Fence
If You're Unhappy
Warm Like Bathwater
Nothing Matters Like It Used To Anymore
New Job In Old Age
The Old Joy

Mark Donato Sings "I'm Flapping" and Other Favorites (1996)

Night of Shame
Ms. Breath and Mr. Go Away
Life Returns to Normal
Stick to You
A Little Pity
Between Now and California
I'm Flapping
Those Aren't Your Guts
This Is What I Love
Frado's Experiment
An Expletive or Two
Big Simple Cow
Dog With Back Legs Broken

Good Loser Club

Full-length group effort with songs by Mark D., Mark Lerner (Headmaster of Flat Old World & Rosine) and Frank Randall (Sycamores guiding light), and perfect picking by gravelly-voiced guitar wiz Chris Erikson. Everybody sings, everybody plays. Recorded mostly in Mark D.'s garage/barn on 8-track analog equipment by Tom Herbers of Minneapolis' legendary Third Ear Studios. Includes such soon-to-be classics as What Henry Said, Old Son, Woman on a Horse, and even a teary-eyed cover of the late great Cindy Walker's Born To Love You. Learn more and listen to the Losers at

Other fine CDs featuring M.D.

Flat Old World / Musicale
Mark Lerner's much-loved band, with Nancy Howell, Bill Fink, Diane Stockwell, Robin Goldwasser, Doug Pierson, and M.D., who drums and sings a couple tunes, including his "Final Product"

Rosine / A New Broom Sweeps Clean But An Old Broom Knows Every Corner
Mark Lerner's other much-loved band, with Al Houghton, Nancy Howell, Philippa Thompson, Jon Feinberg, Josh Neretin, other eminent personages, and M.D., who drums on some tunes and sings Mr. Lerner's wonderful "Slippery Thread"

John Linnell / State Songs
Solo record of one of They Might Be Giants' principal songwriters; also featuring the Giants' Dan Miller as well as Mark Lerner and other cats, with some drumming by M.D.

Hello Recording Club release of collaboration with Robin Goldwasser (unavailable, but we're willing to burn copies for those interested)

Hello Recording Club Christmas (same goes for this one)
Holiday goodies from Spondee, the Maudlins, John Flansburgh, Brian Dewan, and the Candy Butchers


Dubway Studios NYC
Great collection of artists who've recorded at New York City's incredible Dubway Studios run by Al Houghton and Mike Crehore, featuring Amy Rigby, Life In A Blender, Rosine, Evan Lurie, Maggie Connell, M.D. and others

Woodstock Film Festival 2003
Collection of Woodstock-area artists and others in the general orbit of this very happening film festival, featuring The What, Peter Rowan, M.D. and others (