A Little Pity

He didn't wait around until he got home
he wept openly
I asked if there was any help
that I could be
I told him he would work it out
he wouldn't say what he was upset about
whether I did him any good or not
is a mystery

Last time I cried it was New Year's Day
in the shower
I knew it was healthy so I kept it up
for an hour
I cried about everything that came to mind
as I rinsed the soap off my behind
for the rest of the year so far
I've felt better

Whenever you call me and cry on the phone
I get giddy
our emotions together could light
a mid-size city
your problem is very close to mine
whether it's me or you who's crying
it's only natural to feel
a little pity

It's only natural to feel
a little pity
© Mark Donato