This tiny speck of being
Who's been inside your home
You think it's him you're seeing
When he calls you on the phone

But he's invisible
Invisible to you
His words, they melt away
Like the dark before the day
And he's invisible, it's true

This tiny speck of being
Carried on the air
On any family outing
You can find him everywhere

And he's visible
Invisible to you
He's got some much on his mind
He's deaf and dumb and blind
And he's invisible, it's true

See this great big open heart
Reach in deep and tear a part
From the great big mess that's there
Put it back now anywhere
As long as it stays whole
There's still a speck of soul

This tiny speck of being
Barely exists at all
He's got a brand new song to sing
He'll sing it to the wall

And he's invisible
Invisible, it's true
With all the tricks he knows
To oblivion he goes

And he's invisible through and through
To his family and friends
On whom his life depends
He's invisible, it's true
He's invisible through and through
© Mark Donato