Night of Shame

I dreamed my mother caught me
with a dirty old magazine
she noted it in her diary
"a sad and shameful scene"

I dreamed my girlfriend caught me
in a lie again
she gave me every opportunity
but I wouldn't be her friend

I dreamed my father told me
that I had nothing to say
my father was always friendly
he would never talk that way

I dreamed that my boss caught me
writing poetry on the job
he was so disappointed in me
that he began to sob

I dreamed I kissed my teacher
she pushed me into my seat
and then what I did to her
I'm too ashamed to repeat

I dreamed my father told me
I caused his heart attack
he said my life was empty
and he deserved to have his back

I dreamed I woke my self up
I said things aren't what they seem
sunlight and coffee cup
but it was just a dream

I groaned and opened my eyes
I heard you say my name
I said all my goodbyes
to another night of shame
another night of shame
© Mark Donato